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    Welcome to the AFI Canteen

    Dear customers,

    with regret, we have to inform you, that Afi Canteen Vokovice will be closed since March 3th untill further notice.

    For more information just follow us on the webside.

    Thank you for your support so far and we hope to see you soon.

    Your team Afi Canteen Vokovice

    Lunch menu - this week

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    Lunch menu - next week

    • - We serve breakfast and lunch (a choice of seven main meals).
    • - We also offer soups, a wide selection of salad bar and fresh homemade desserts, which are prepared according to our recipes.
    • - All meals are made of quality and fresh ingredients. No blanks, like potato pulp in powder, do not expect us!
    • - We will organize a private or corporate event directly at your place of business or in your chosen area or directly in your company. What you order, we arrange it.
    • - If you are interested in importing large amounts of food into your work, school or office, there is no problem. Just contact us.
    • - We accept cash, paper and electronic vouchers and credit cards.


    We look forward to your visit and wish good taste !!
    Team AFI Canteen


  • Restaurant / Breakfast

    From 8am to 10am

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  • Restaurant / lunch - this week

    Served from 11 Am to 2 Pm

      Menu for week 1.3. - 5.3.2021    
      Monday Alergeny  
    1 Pea soup with smoked meat   25 Kč
    2 Fried cauliflower with boiled potatoes and Tartar sauce 1,3,7,10 98 kč
    3 Wild spicy roasted chicken leg with jasmine rice   108 kč
    4 Herb crusted Tilapia fish on bed of pearl barley risotto 1,3,7 118 kč
    1 Goulash soup 1 25 Kč
    2 Berlin style chicken liver, rice   98 kč
    3 White dill sauce with cooked beef / eggs, bread dumplings 1,3,7 108 kč
    4 Pork tenderloin on bed of mushroom ragout, gratinated potatoes 3,7 148kč
    1 Garlic soup with pearl barley and eggs 7 25 Kč
    2 Bell pepper stuffed with ground beef, tomato sauce, rice / pasta 1,3 98 kč
    3 Pasta with cream spinach and chicken 1,4,9 108kč
    4 Roastbeef with boiled potatoes and Tartar sauce 3,7 158kč
    1 Chicken broth with vegetables and noodles 1 25 Kč
    2 Roasted pork shoulder with cabbage and bread dumplings 1,3 98 kč
    3 Chickpeas Hummus with chicken and grilled vegetables, paprika powder  9 108 Kč
    4 Pulled duck meat burger with French fries 1,3 158kč
    1 "Kulajda"- cream soup with fresh dill, mushrooms, eggs 1,3,7 25 Kč
    2 Chicken strips on bed of mixed salad, baquette 1,3,7 98 Kč
    3 Poached Nile catfish, vegetable curry and rice 1,3,4,7 108 Kč
    4 Steak of pork with corn and roasted potatoes    138 Kč
      The weight of meat and fish raw 100g. Changing the menu reserved.    
      Meals number 6  are at 150 g    
      Allergens: 1.Obiloviny containing gluten; 2 Crustaceans and products thereof; 3 Eggs and products thereof; 4 Fish and products thereof; 5 Peanuts and products thereof; 6 Soybeans and products thereof; 7 Milk and dairy products; 8 Nuts and articles thereof; 9 Celery and products thereof; 10 Mustard and products thereof; 11 Sesame seeds and products thereof; 12 Sulphur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations higher as 10 mg / kg; Bluebonnets 13 / lupine / or articles thereof; 14 Clams and articles thereof    

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  • Restaurant / lunch - next week

    Served from 11 Am to 2 Pm

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    AFI Canteen

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    160 00 Praha 6

    E-mail: info@afivokovice-canteen.cz

    How to get there?

    By tram, bus or subway to the station Nádraží Vokovice.


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    Praha 3 - Žižkov
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